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Art Beat, by Evelyn Staub

To Develop a Style, Develop a Series

A style in art is a very personal trend, a thread that weaves itself through one's paintings that is unique to that artist and ties the works together as a whole. The longer one paints the more obvious the style becomes.

Look at the paintings of the Old Masters; often if you see just one painting you can recognize the painter immediately. He has a style, developed through years of study and and an intense regimen of practice.

Most aspiring artists in today's society don't have that amount of time or the desire to dedicate to their art. But the more they paint the more their unique style will develop.

One way to speed up this process is to paint a series. One painting of the series will build on the previous one and make it easier. If your subject is flowers for example, you have already painted petals and leaves, the next one with different petals and leaves will build on the first in your own
unique way. Your personal style is developing. Keep going, add multiple flowers, paint them in a garden setting, add a fence, or paint them in a vase, or a teapot, add a bird, just keep going.

Many beginner artists don't know what to paint and are afraid of making a painting that is not good. All paintings are good! They may not be the achievements of an Old Master but it is the accom-plishment of a very unique individual. No one else can paint it exactly that way, in exactly your style. It is good!

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